A smarter way for independent business professionals to manage healthcare costs.

The North Dakota Real Estate Health Benefits Center is a captive strategy designed exclusively for self-employed small business owners.
  • Alternative to private and exchange plans
  • National Physicians PPO or go to any doctor
  • Three major medical model plan designs; HSA eligible options
  • Cost may be business tax deductible
    (always confirm with tax professional)

Take control of your healthcare costs.

Self-employed North Dakota Realtors now have an alternative to private and exchange plans. When you establish a self-funded plan for your business of one, you and your dependents can get great care and save money.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Business Owners may establish their own health plan for themselves and their dependents.
  • Business must have a Federal Tax ID.
  • North Dakota Realtors must have an NRDS number and Real Estate License to qualify.
  • Applicants must answer a short medical questionnaire to screen for major medical issues. Want more details? See FAQs.

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Steps to Establish Plan

View model plan designs and calculate costs.
Create an account to start the process.
Once approved, sign contracts and establish plan.

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